Posted on Posted in 2017

The irrigation system field covers 7500 Ha, which includes 4 pumping stations, intake PS1, PS2 and PS3.

The total capacity is 15600 m3/h. Water source is Kura river. The total number of the pumps utilized in irrigation system are 40 units, from 75 kw to 2 mw. The total power of the installed pumps is 25 mw


  • Procurement of the pumps, the automatic fine and the coarse screens, the valves, the piping, the instrumentation
  • Installation of the pumps (base plate leveling, anchoring and grouting)
  • Construction of the suction and the discharge pipelines (spool pieces, pipe concrete and metal supports, etc.)
  • Installation of the fine and the (coarse)automatic screens
  • Installation of the stop gates (penstocks)
  • Installation of the filters
  • Installation of the HVAC system for the control rooms
  • Installation of the pressure, the flow and the level transmitters
  • Commissioning and start-up of 4 pumping stations